Best scalp micropigmentation in California

Yes, you can get your hairline back

PGMNT.FX scalp micropigmentation is a cutting-edge, permanent solution to hair loss that gives you the appearance of a healthy scalp to make you look younger. With the non-invasive procedure and fast healing for a great hairline; you can get your confidence and self-esteem back. We are not only offering smp service but also scalp micropigmentation training.

scalp micropigmentation California

Yes, you can get your hairline back

Time has changed

Change how you Look

Trade your low paying hatchet, for a high paying scalpel

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Help people rediscover their best hair life while making an amazing business out of it today. With two-thirds of men over 35 experiencing significant hair loss, the demand for hair-loss experts is higher than ever.

Hairline Design

Let us bring that hairline back to life and hide any balding areas with Scalp Micropigmentation. Achieve a natural buzz cut look with only 3 sessions.

Mild Crown Density

Let us help hide unwanted Hair Loss. Achieve fuller looking hair with only 5 sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation. Results lasting 5 to 6 years.

Severe Crown Density

Make hair loss a thing of the past. The Density treatment can help you achieve fuller looking hair again so say goodbye to hair loss and hello scalp micropigmentation.

I was a student and I received my certificate 2 months ago.‍ I took all the measures to start working as a SMP artist. From the moment I got certified, Faviola has helped me make this journey not only smooth but also exciting. I'm so happy that I didn't take the class from anyone else. She makes it a point that it doesn't matter if you don't have a background in tattooing or cutting hair this is something that anyone that's passionate can do. Thank you so much Faviola, this has been life changing.

Jennifer D. Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer D scalp micropigmentation california

I'm not really big on leaving reviews, but for this particular service I felt compelled to do so. For anyone who's struggling with baldness, and or a receding hairline, PGMNTFX is the best route to go. At first I was extremely hesitate and skeptical, do to the unknown after effects of SMP treatment, but after doing my own research and speaking diligently with technician Faviola, all of my skepticism was no longer. She provided several before and after photos which further put me at ease. With all that said, SMP done by PGMNTFX was the best investment I made for myself. I feel as though, something as trivial as a hairline, has made me look 10 years younger. The technician Faviola, is highly professional, and proficient in her craft. She's patient and also detailed oriented. I'm beyond satisfied.

Kareem K. Los Angeles, CA
Kareem K scalp micro usa

Thank you Faviola for your great service and helping me get over my main insecurity (hair loss). I have tried many places that told me to give up but I was appreciative to have found Pgmntfx. I highly recommend Faviola and her services to anyone out there dealing with what I dealt with. Once again Thank You Faviola! She's trustworthy and great at what she does. She's the best!

James B. Long Beach, CA
James B. scalp micropigmentation california
    scalp micro usa