Men Hair Line Design

The distance between the tip of the nose and the bottom of the chin should be roughly the same as the distance between the hairline and the point between the brows. This distance is 7-8 cm for most men. The restoration of a good-looking man’s facial proportions is accomplished by creating haircut line designs for guys at the midline of the forehead.

In a patient with male pattern hair loss, graft placement is planned. VI – Left: Designing a mature Caucasian man’s hairline with slightly receding corners. – Right: The final position of the hairline with micro-irregularities and priority-based density distribution planning.

We may deviate from this rule in the case of men’s hairline design due to limitations in the patient’s donor hair, such as fine hair and low density. This rule assists patients in achieving the most pleasing aesthetic result whenever it is possible to restore this with an appropriate number of hairs. If the patient’s hair is fine or the donor’s hair density is poor, especially in patients with progressive hair loss, we may decide to raise the hairline even more in the front and at the corners. This type of male hairline design is ideal for people who lack hair. A hairline that appears to be thinner than average goes hand in hand with a crown area thinner than average.

Many steps are required for a successful hairline design for guys, including:

  1. Creating a relatively balanced hairline by establishing the midline
  2. Using the rule of thirds to determine the proportions of the face
  3. Adjusting the front and corners as needed
  4. Including micro-irregularities, as a natural hairline does.
  5. Establishing hair density priorities and strategic planning in various areas
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