Feminine Hairline Design

Feminine hairline design: Compared to men’s hair line designs, the corners of the front hair line design in women are usually flat or sunken. This still falls into the category of proportional faces that follow the rule of thirds for vertical proportions in the middle. However, horizontal proportions should be considered at the sides, and the corners are tighter in a typical female best hairline design. Some women have side humps that lower the hairline on either side of the midline, thus falling under the definition of a feminine hairline. The most important modification that should be followed for a female hairline is the lack of hairline recession on the sides (corners) of the front hairline. The other optional changes that should be considered when designing a female hairline based on the shape and position of the other facial components are:

  • Angle of the hairline on the sides of the hairline
  • Side bumps
  • Widow’s peak